Yes, you can!

This week I’ve talked to three of my coaching clients who were experiencing different levels of frustration. The job search isn’t going as smoothly as they would like.  Interviews aren’t getting scheduled as quickly as they’d like. One has accepted a better offer, advanced in her career; yet it’s not her utopian role.

Job search frustration, with a side of FEAR. What if you don’t get the job you really want?  What if you don’t transition into your ideal role?

Well, what if you do?  What if you can land the career of your dreams?

Many of us have the voice of the naysayer, the critic, ever present, constantly projecting negative outcomes.  The committee that won’t stop talking.  Today, that voice needs to stop.

When you doubt your abilities, feel discouraged, or are on the verge of despair, don’t give up.   I pray that you hear another voice telling you,“You can do it and you will!”

No one said a job search or job transition was easy. It’s hard work. Even when you are using a strategic job search road map.  Even when you are leveraging the power of networking, reaching out and establishing connections with key contacts at your target potential employers.  Relationships take time.  Building trust and credibility takes time.  Having the right doors open takes time.  Be patient and persist.

I know you can do this.  You are worthy of engaging in work that you are both capable of and passionate about.   If today you are frustrated, give yourself permission to feel your feelings; just remember feelings aren’t facts.  Don’t let your feelings derail you from taking action toward your career goals.

Pause and reflect on what brings you the most joy and satisfaction in your work?  Would you like to feel that way more than less?  Visualize you in your dream job.

Now, take an honest inventory of the actual work you’ve completed this week in your job search.  How many new contacts did you make?  Networking events that you attended?  Number of calls to former colleagues who are working in your target niche or who have connections that could help you?  If you didn’t reach your target job search activities; then recommit to completing the actions next week.

ACTION is the magic key.  Keep taking positive actions forward.  Make the call.  Send the LinkedIn request to connect.  Call your former colleague; catch up on projects they are working on and bring them up to date on your career goals.

Keep believing. Keep taking positive steps daily toward your goals.  You can do this!  You are not alone, I’m here every step of the way cheering you on.

May you hear my voice encouraging you: “You CAN do this, and you will.”

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