Looking to hire top talent who will exceed performance expectations and consistently deliver?  

The key to an organizations success is hiring the right people, offering performance-based compensation plans, flexibility,  a positive work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and to support professional growth and balance.

While many organizations would love to accomplish this, partnering with MGM Solutions Corp helps ensure your success in realizing these ideals.


As a student of my craft,  since 1990’s I have studied, applied and mastered techniques taught by leaders in the recruiting industry including: Lou Adler’s Performance-based Hiring℠, Doug Beabout’s “The Art of Recruiting Masters,” Peter Leffkowitz’s “Morgan Methodology,” AIRS Certified Recruiting and Boolean Search Techniques.

My approach to recruiting and qualifying candidates for YOUR requirement is based on proven methodology to deliver top results. After our intensive requirements session to define your ideal candidate and job description, we begin hunting for the best candidate.  We build a pipeline with passive candidates who entrenched in excellence and by referrals of known and trusted subject matter experts.  We focus on quality referrals to professionals who meet your requirements, have demonstrated abilities, capable of exceed your personal and your stakeholders expectations and motivated to do so!

career coach

We follow a proven search process that begins by identifying, sourcing and recruiting leaders and high achievers.  We know what questions to ask to qualify candidates’ expertise which enables us to refer only the most qualified professionals to you.   We source and acquire target contacts that result in providing top talent for you to evaluate on a confidential and cost-effective basis.  We are committed to excellence in service delivery with the highest degree of respect and professionalism.

Our core values of trust and integrity are vital to establishing an effective recruiting partnership with both clients and candidates.  We represent your business and your business’ image to potential candidates and we take this responsibility seriously.

We have in-depth relationships in a variety of industry sectors that we specialize in and we do more than fill positions.  We deliver excellence throughout the recruiting life cycle and find top talent that is the right fit to drive results for your business.