Dare to Soar

Many years ago I walked into a Successories store and bought cards that had a picture of an eagle with the words “Dare to Soar. Your attitude in life almost always determines your altitude.” I believe having a positive mental attitude is a key to success. That your attitude (and your actions) determines your place in life and in your career.

You may be reading this and thinking, “It’s not that simple.” Or “yes, but, you don’t understand, my case is different.” You may have a long list of reasons why you can’t succeed or have the career that you would love. It’s okay. I understand. For many years, I made excuses for not following my path. After all, I was a single mom raising two girls. How could I leave an industry and career track that had afforded me a six figure income, to pursue starting a business in career coaching when I needed the security of a steady income? However, when your work feels like drudgery and there is no joy, it’s time to evaluate what you are doing. If you are feeling burnt out, discouraged or depressed in your current job; know that these are symptoms of not following your vision.

It’s time to ask yourself some tough questions and assess your options. Pursuing your “dream” career does not have to be an all or nothing pursuit. Begin by listening to your heart. Give yourself permission to dream about what your ideal career would look like. Begin to chart out a career map. Take positive steps toward your goals. Update your resume. Network. Go after career openings that take you closer to your ideal role.

I am not suggesting that the process of following your vision, connecting with your passion, and pursuing your life’s purpose is easy. Nor is it a straight line. Often there are stepping-stones. You may have something you love to do that may be better as a hobby than as a career. Perhaps you’d like to be a photographer, yet you have a full-time career in Technology earning six figures. Do you leave a steady income that supports your family to pursue your utopian role of traveling the world, walking the beaches and taking pictures of sunsets? I’m not suggesting that you do. How about taking your camera with you on all your business trips? Carve out time for a couple of hours to take pictures and start sharing them with the world.

Funny how it works. When you give yourself permission to follow your heart and play in the realm you are passionate about; your happiness increases. Your overall well-being increases. You’re soaring and it’s effortless. Your energy is renewed. It carries over into all areas of your life, your friendships, your family, your community.

Find a visual that remind you of your goal. Whether it’s a card with an eagle with the words “Dare to Soar” or a handwritten sticky note that has the Nike slogan – Just Do It!

Dare. Risk. Visualize. Act. As the process unfolds, your confidence and self-respect will improve; your satisfaction with life will increase. You may even find yourself with other eagles soaring in the clouds.

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