Career Tune Up

Career Tune UP

 Springtime naturally brings a sense of awakening for me. It’s a time of renewal and rebirth.   A couple weeks ago I went into my local mechanic for a routine oil & filter change.  It was a super busy Saturday and it took a couple hours to complete.  I was willing to wait because I know the importance of routine maintenance for a vehicle.   Your career is no different.

Successful careers involve regular check-ups (updates to your resumes with recent projects and accomplishments) and periodic more in-depth tune ups or alignments.

What about you?

What is your current career dilemma?

How satisfied are you in your current position?

Are you engaged and challenged professionally? Or do you feel deflated and tired at the end of the day?  Do you enjoy your work?  Wake up excited?

Carve out time to explore some questions.

What allows you to provide the best service to others?  Where do you add the greatest value?

What is it that brings you joy?  What type of work makes you happy?  Is it working with customers?  Promoting new programs?  Creating websites?  Developing enterprise infrastructure? Leading groups?  Training?

Think of this appointment as a “check-up from the neck up.”   Use the time to take stock.  Inventory your skills and your assets.  If you are unhappy, remember you have choices.   You have the ability to improve your happiness and career satisfaction; if you are willing to take action.

A career tune up involves taking an honest assessment of our knowledge, skills and abilities.  It involves exploring career options that maximize your value and contribution.  When your skills and interests overlap with your passion, you will experience greater levels of engagement, contribution and overall career satisfaction.   When you align your career with your innate talents, skills and abilities, everything flows more smoothly. Work becomes effortless and life more meaningful. You may be surprised when your energy and enthusiasm come back too!

Can I help you?  If you need help with exploring your career options, I provide career transition coaching in-person, over the phone and via Skype.

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