Do you feel stuck in your current job and depressed by the lack of advancement opportunities you have?

Stressed out?  Burnt out?  Yet don’t know how to start to explore your career options?

Frustrated in your job search?  Wondering why is it taking so long?

Lack the confidence you need to get an interview or land the offer ?

As a professional who has spent the last 30 years helping professionals advance their careers;  partnering with you as your personal career coach, I will help you rebuild your self confidence and empower you with the tools, resources and career strategy road map to help you reach your career goals.   


As your personal coach, I will start by getting to know you; working together I will serve as a sounding board, your personal cheerleader, and career advocate. Together, we will strengthen your resume; showcase your accomplishments and highlight your unique value to make your skills jump off the page.  I can optimize your LinkedIn profile and teach you how to maximize the power of the LinkedIn.  I will teach you how to find key connections at companies you are interested in; facilitate introductions to decisions makers and  prepare you for interviews.  I will encourage and empower you every step of the way.

Ultimately, I landed the dream job I had been seeking for so many years.  Never would have happened without Rose Walker.” ~Michael G. Spohn, Senior Consultant, Foundstone, Mission Viejo, CA

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