Whether you’re starting to make a transition or you’re knee deep in a job search, it can be highly frustrating and even overwhelming by what to do next to get results. End your  frustration now by working with a career coach with 25 years of recruiting experience.

Our Job Search Plan combines one-on-one coaching with a plan to help you secure interviews and ultimately land an offer. Our resume revisions and LinkedIn profile optimization will help get you noticed. Our custom interview preparation will empower you and boost your confidence and help you land your next position.

  • The development of an action and accomplishment focused resume and LinkedIn profile will get the attentions of recruiters with a call to action to start the “why should we hire you” conversation.
  • Robust interview preparation techniques including positioning of your relevant achievements that spotlight you as the ideal candidate for your target position.
  • Compensation negotiation tactics to maximize your salary and get the perks you deserve.

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Developing an Effective Resume

One key to making a career change is an effective, powerful and focused resume. It is your most important marketing tool and it’s your door opener to your job search. Having the right resume will build confidence and move you towards taking action and being proactive in your job search.
During our strategic resume session we will discuss where you want to go in your career before writing your resume so that we can position you appropriately for your targeted market.

We will incorporate action verbs and key words are used most often for your target job. Your summary statement provides an overview of who you are and creates the focus and theme of your resume. This statement should, in three or four sentences, present a clear picture of your special abilities and unique qualities. It will also become your two-minute verbal pitch.

We will construct your summary statement, employment and education sections utilizing keyword optimization, so recruiters will easily find you and call you for the interview. By developing an action achievement-based resume we help you stand out from your competition and get the attention of hiring managers.



LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for employers to find and vet potential candidates. Learning how to maximize your visibility and showcasing your accomplishments is critical in order to be competitive in an increasingly crowded job market.

We will teach you how to use the Search Feature, LinkedIn Groups and many other tactics to help you be found by recruiters and hiring managers. Learn how to effectively connect with contacts, build your network in your target industry and find opportunities.

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Interview Preparation

For the overwhelming majority of our clients it’s been a long time since they’ve had to interview for a job. In many ways an interview is part sale, part performance. You have a limited amount of time to leave a lasting, positive impression on people whose job it is to critically evaluate you against other qualified candidates.

The interview exists so your potential employer has an opportunity to evaluate how you present yourself on paper with who you “really” are. Hiring managers are observing you - your demeanor and interpersonal skills. We will teach you how to give concise and specific examples of your experience that demonstrates what you’ve done in your past that will help you be successful.

Competent decision makers know how to identify and evaluate your weaknesses. They know where to look and what questions to ask. We customize a behavioral based interview preparation to boost your confidence and get you prepared to interview. You will learn how to anticipate potential interview questions how to successfully answer them.

By preparing questions to ask the interviewer, and asking the right questions can position you as a being a thoughtful, critical thinker and an expert in your field.

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