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Why You Need A Career Coach


Why would you invest in hiring a Career Coach?  

If you are reading this, you are probably educated and have some work history and references, yet are at some level dissatisfied with your current career.    

Maybe you have attended workshops and seminars, read advice columns and blogs, searched job boards and been “active” in your job search with a certain degree of success. You get interviews, but you haven’t secured the offer you want. Sound about right?

If you could do this on your own and have the success you desire, you would have already done it and would not be online reading this.  

Benefits of working with a Career Coach: 

Help you Identify What Sets You Apart

What skills do you have that the competition doesn’t, and most importantly, how can you display them in a way that offers employers an added incentive? Your unique skills might not be immediately recognizable when reviewing your previous experiences, but it’s important to spend time carefully dissect your career, including unpaid work, activities, volunteering, and even special interests you’ve turned into side projects. All of your experiences offer a unique opportunity to acquire new skills that could be highly beneficial in marketing yourself during your job search.

Understanding your Assets, Strengths and Skills

During our initial consultation we discuss the progression of your career including your work history and your accomplishments. Together we complete a thorough analysis and skills inventory and itemize a list of your transferable skills. By selecting key action verbs to build your resume, we accentuate your core strengths and build bridge to your ideal next position. Your confidence improves as the truth of who you are and what you are capable of is revealed.

Learning to Brand and Market Yourself
You have created resumes before, you have interviewed, secured job offers and may have had career promotions. Most people know how to tell a story around their work history.   MGM Solutions Career Coaches get to know you and partner with you, giving you the language to build a 30 second elevator pitch; provide interview practice to help build your confidence and teach you how to describe your experience in a way that has the employer on the edge of their chair excited to learn more about you.

Whatever your unique skills may be, it’s important to present them to a potential employer in such a way that allows them to see the value in your skill. By working together we ensure you know how to describe your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) providing an explanation about what your unique skill can bring to the position that can benefit the company for the long term will give you an edge over the competition.

Quantifying the Value Only YOU Bring
In today’s economy, employers are looking to fill their position with candidates that possess the ability to drive growth, generate revenue, improve processes and/or reduce costs.   Even if your previous positions did not involve revenue generation, you can also quantify how much money you saved your previous employer through your strategies and practices. Knowing your own value and learning how to articulate the impact you can have to your potential employer, by using percentages and numbers to show where you cut costs, generated profit or improved efficiency and productivity will get you noticed.

Effectively Utilize Your Resume Real Estate
In Real Estate, it’s location, location, location.  Same applies to resumes. You have less than 10 seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention. Many job seekers make the mistake of burying their skills section at the bottom of their resume. Don’t do this.

You’ve worked hard for your skills and it’s time to present them as achievement by placing them toward the top of your resume. It only a few seconds for a hiring manager to judge your resume, it’s important to put your skills in direct focus to avoid having them passed over. Many companies use resume scanning software which makes it even more critical that you ensure strategic placement of key words, showcasing your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to highlight your qualifications.

 Benefits of working with a MGM Solutions Career Coach

A true Partnership.  Our coaches are with you every step of the way.  We ask purposely tough questions, thought provoking questions that will cause you to pause.  We partner with you on a transformative experience that asks you to be open, honest and willing to experience a shift in perception and beliefs in order to accomplish the change desire.  Our Founder, Rose Evans Walker, brings more than 25 years professional 

Career Coach Rose Walker MGM Solutions Corporation
Founder of MGM Solutions-Rose Walker

experience has a straight forward, candid approach.  She will tell the truth, and expose the critics, the naysayers and the voices in your head that have held you back from pursuing your dream career. Rose coaches people who are committed and willing to do the footwork necessary to positively change their careers.  

She becomes your personal coach, adviser, trusted person to reason things out related to your career and job search.  She has an innate ability to develop trusting relationships, giving you the space to be vulnerable, share your fears, disappointments and frustrations.  She is your councilor, adviser, analyst, strategist and will be your biggest fan, advocate and cheerleader and will celebrate your success!

As a job seeker, the key to your success is knowing how to identify, utilize, and present your skills to potential employers.  Partnering with a Career Coach can save you months of frustration, help you understand your unique value in the marketplace, build your confidence and have a partner who is equally vested in your success and positive outcomes.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a Career Coach, call or email MGM Solutions for an initial consultation to discuss your personal circumstances and goals.

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